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Security for employees

Many workers feel that the risk assessment methods used today do not provide sufficient or accurate information. They wonder whether the work environment is good or bad for their health, and often have to rely on the environment, even if the information there is inadequate.

DIRI supports workers with the right equipment in hazardous environments
DIRI risk analyses, app for safe workplaces

As a DIRI user, you receive safety information about the risks you select in the app. Information on approach, equipment, accident management, laws and regulations. It prepares you for different situations and tasks. You always have access to relevant information regardless of your level of knowledge and that of those around you.

as a team

Has everyone in the team received the latest information? Have discoveries made by one person been communicated to others?

In jobs with ever-changing environments, information gets lost along the way and late-comers don't get the full picture.

DIRI informs your team about the work environment
DIRI risk analysis app for safe workplaces

Imagine a workplace where everyone always knows what's going on, reducing misunderstandings and thus the risk of accidents. As a DIRI user, you are constantly updated with the latest information from your team whether you are working on different shifts or joining late.

Security for employers

Like many other employers, do you find it difficult to reach all employees with the information required to maintain a high level of security and meet legal requirements? Is it hard to know who has the right training for what, and make sure everything is filed correctly for controls and audits? 

DIRI helps employers with safety management
DIRI risk analysis app for safe workplaces

Using DIRI as part of your safety work gives you peace of mind that your employees always have access to the required safety information. The app notifies you if someone doesn't meet the training requirements, and archives everything digitally so you're always ready for an audit!

Support for safety representatives!

As a safety officer, you can freely use DIRI as your daily tool. Search for the risk you want to know more about, and get quick access to everything you need to support your colleagues.

DIRI becomes your digital handbook and makes navigation between legal requirements, equipment and reality easier.


Around the clock

We know how small mistakes can lead to big disasters. That's why we make it easier for you to manage your risks around the clock.


Select the risks that are most important to you and DIRI displays only the relevant information - so you can focus on doing your best work.


The team is linked to the same task which is updated when changes occur - so you can help each other succeed.


Digital archiving provides security, the opportunity to reflect on previous work, and more time-efficient compliance.