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Social sustainability is central to our service and is at the heart of everything we do.

DIRI's sustainability strategy is based on the idea that we must integrate sustainability into all aspects of our business to achieve our goals. We believe it is important to create a model that not only has a positive impact on people and the planet, but is also possible for us to pursue and implement.

DIRI supports workers with the right equipment in hazardous environments

DIRI's sustainability work is based on six focus areas

  • Safe and secure workplaces
  • Risk knowledge for all
  • Learning and training - knowledge for security
  • Innovative and digitalized risk management
  • Reducing the negative impact on our planet
  • Competitive and long-term sustainable business
DIRI global goals


DIRI Global Goal 3

Good health and well-being

DIRI's main objective is to reduce work-related illnesses, accidents and deaths. Insights from workplaces give us opportunities for preventive action.

DIRI Global Goal 4

Good education for all

DIRI's service enhances learning in organizations, including in the education sector. We help make learning and knowledge shareable and accessible to more people.

DIRI Global Goal 5

Gender equality

DIRI is committed to gender equality, accessibility and non-discrimination. The information in DIRI's app is easily accessible to all and designed with the horizontal principles in mind.

DIRI Global Goal 8

Decent working conditions and economic growth

DIRI's service contributes to a safe and secure workplace. We ensure the right knowledge when and where it is needed for a better safety culture.

DIRI Global Goal 12

Sustainable consumption and production

We work towards ecologically sustainable development. We are continuously developing our service to help our customers to our customers improve their chemical management, become more resource-efficient and more climate-smart.

DIRI Global Goal 17

Implementation and global partnership

We are leading the way and setting the standard for the sustainable risk processes of the future. DIRI's service brings together users and enables co-creation between different actors.

Development of analysis and strategy

Together with Trossa, DIRI has conducted a sustainability analysis and developed our sustainability goals. The analysis forms the basis for the decisions we make going forward and how we will achieve our goals.

We are very happy with the results, and are delighted to be able to contribute - moving forward!