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Melinda founder of DIRI Safety Solutions

Melinda - Founder of DIRI

When I worked as a cleaner in the industry around different places in Sweden, I was faced with a wide variety of risks I had never encountered before. The idea for DIRI was born when, on August 15, 2019, I stood inside a flue gas cleaning facility and swept an unknown dust without the right equipment on me. How can we make these situations easier for me and many others? 

In 2020, I started testing my vision with my wonderful colleagues and received fantastic support from my employer at the time. Now in 2022 we are approaching the launch and I see a bright future, that with the help of DIRI we will be able to make a big difference. 



A team composed of driven, curious and inspiring people who all bring their previous experience to our development.

Apart from the really exciting challenges of developing a new product, we all want to bring DIRI to market for the same reason,
to improve the working environment and the health of people.

Magnus Olsen employed at DIRI Safety Solutions


Viktor Åhs Blomberg employed at DIRI Safety Solutions


Linda Morén employed at DIRI Safety Solutions


Isabella Sahlbom employed at DIRI Safety Solutions


Mikeal Hyensjö Consultant at DIRI Safety Solutions


SOMAS is a DIRI safety solutions pilot customer

Cooperation is key!

We have the fantastic opportunity to work with our pilot customer SOMAS to test and verify the product before launch. Somas is a world leader in valves and has with its (over) 75 years, a solid knowledge and experience of industrial work environment.

In addition to our pilot customer, we have several partners whose collaborations have contributed to our startup journey getting to where it is today!

Where are we?

In the fall of 2022, we moved into our own premises at Karlstad Innovation Park. 

Several of our partners are located here and we are close to both collaborations and recruitment. All companies here are passionate about innovation, new thinking and entrepreneurship, so we fit right in!

At the heart of our product is an innovation, a new way of doing risk analysis, and this required thinking outside the box.

Meeting the needs of the market is a first goal, and developing both the product and the company to be at the forefront on several fronts such as accessibility, sustainability and IT security is also part of our objectives.

DIRI Safety solutions adds to its team

Become part of our TEAM!

We are a growing company and are looking for exciting skills to join our team.

Do you feel that your background would suit us? and do you think the journey we are on seems exciting? Are you curious and driven to develop a product that improves both the working environment and people's health?

Submit an application and become part of our wonderful community where we offer opportunities to take place, develop and implement your own ideas!