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Are you also actively working on safety?

but does not reach all the way to the workers?

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Many companies work actively with safety, but still find it difficult to reach the people who do the actual work.

With the DIRI app
we reach everyone!

A powerful tool for well-being & safety in the workplace

The app is designed to raise awareness of the risks we face, and provide 24/7 support to the user in doing so. Everyone has access to the same risk information, creating a reliable, broad knowledge base - and lives are saved!


Around the clock

We know how small mistakes can lead to big disasters. That's why we make it easier for you to manage your risks around the clock.


Select the risks that are most important to you and DIRI displays only the relevant information - so you can focus on doing your best work.


The team is linked to the same task which is updated when changes occur - so you can help each other succeed.


Digital archiving provides security, the opportunity to reflect on previous work, and more time-efficient compliance.

Sustainable workplaces

Focusing on people

DIRI is a tool I wanted when I was working in industry. The helplessness I felt when safety information that was scattered around didn't reach all the way, made me look at how to modernize and create other ways of doing risk analysis. Now we will help more people live longer!

Melinda CEO DIRI safety solutions



" The tool is user-friendly and suitable for people with disabilities. "
Trade unions
" Our general knowledge of risks would definitely be enhanced by this working tool "
Safety representative
" It is nice to have the safety information in one place, it saves a lot of time and makes it easier to check things. "


As a safety officer, you can freely use DIRI as your daily tool. Search for the risk you want to know more about, and get quick access to everything you need to support your colleagues.

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